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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


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Package 3 winner

The craziest thing I have done for love was in March 2010. I had planned a trip to Bali with a group of friends for a 20th birthday. I had been dating my girlfriend at the time for two months when I booked the trip. I was already missing her by the time I had left, and on the second night, after hours of heavy drinking and partying, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to jump on a scooter with a Bali local and get to the nearest tattooist and get a tattoo for her. I was in no state to decide the tattoo, so I let the tattooist make the call. I woke up the next morning to find her full name on my foot, with two manly love hearts on each side of the tattoo. I had told her I had a big surprise for her on my return — and she was definitely surprised to say the least! After two years together we decided to move here to Whistler and are still very much in love. I still have the tattoo to this day. It is definitely the craziest thing I have done in the name of love... so far.

- Brad Kirkwood (Prize description)

Package 4 winner

When I was 15, my boyfriend of three weeks (a veritable eternity, when one is in the 11th grade) dumped me out of the blue. He was my first real love, so I was completely devastated. I mean, how could this have happened?! We had waltzed to the Star Wars theme dressed in Jedi robes! If that's not love, what is? I had to know why he no longer considered me girlfriend material, so I did what any rational teenage girl would do, I created a fake account on that old ICQ chat program and friended him. I made my fake persona the absolute COOLEST character I could conceive of. She was from California. She was an actress. Her name was Rian (I misspelled Rain). Under the guise of "Rian," I chatted with the ex-boyfriend for weeks... ferreting out information on his thoughts on me, what he considered the "perfect woman" (as far as I was concerned, I was it), and anything else. I became pretty obsessed with the whole thing... then one day, of course, he "figured out" that it was me. Turned out he had actually figured it out within seconds, and was screwing with me to teach me a lesson. Of course, he didn't leave it at that... oh no. He had his parents call the school and file a complaint about my stalking him. I got pulled into a big meeting with my mum and the school administrators, who told me that I was legitimately scaring the ex, and that if I didn't cut it out and leave him alone immediately, I'd be kicked out of school. Everyone knew about the fiasco in minutes, of course, and I was left utterly humiliated. This story does have a happy ending, however... it turns out I was absolutely right, it was love. About two years later we got back together to the surprise and amusement of all those around us. That was 10 years ago, and we're now happily married, and the proud parents of a gorgeous six-month-old boy. To this day, however, he still has me saved in his mobile phone as "Rian."

- Dayna Wilson (Prize description)

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