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Crazy for love

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of LOVE?


Ahhh, what we do for love.

Who hasn't entertained a few crazy ideas to capture the attention of a love interest or keep the fires of a long-time love alive? For many, the ideas stay trapped in the imagination, but for others it's full steam ahead.

Pique received hundreds of entries this year in our "Crazy for Love" contest in which we asked readers to share the stories of the craziest things they had done for love.

There were so many great tales it was difficult to choose our favourites — We hope you enjoy the stories the winners and runners-up have to share... And you never know, perhaps you will even find some inspiration.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Package 1 winner

Ten years ago, my girlfriend and I travelled to Italy and the Aeolian islands during summer recess from school. We visited the Colosseum in Rome, got lost wandering the streets of Venice, ate pizza in Naples... a wonderful time. We spent three days on the island of Lipari, an amazingly picturesque, tranquil place, with spectacular beaches. One such beach was a bus ride away, and we decided to go. On arrival, we were greeted by endless white sand and calm, clear, turquoise ocean, with nobody in sight. We got our swim gear on and jumped in... paradise! Suddenly, my girlfriend screamed — she had been stung by a jellyfish. I got her out of the water and she had been stung badly on her arms and legs! We worried it might serious... I'd heard of people treating jellyfish stings using vinegar but we had no vinegar! Remembering the Friends episode when Joey peed on Monica after she was stung by a jellyfish we thought... hmm, it's acidic! (like vinegar!). So, on the deserted beech, I peed on my girlfriend... in case you wondering, it works! Three months later my girlfriend and I were watching TV with our school friends when that Friends episode was on. We laughed secretly but never told the story until now!

- Mark Gleeson (Prize description)

Package 2 winner

In the early '90s I had fallen hard for Bjorn, a Norwegian flight attendant. He was returning home from a European flight and I thought that it would be a nice surprise to greet him at the airport. I had read an article in a girlie magazine on "how to blow your man's mind" where the writers suggested showing up in a public area dressed only in a trench coat and sexy boots. At the time I was extremely conservative, so after a few glasses of wine, and consoling myself with the fact that I was catching the airporter bus late at night, I dolled myself up and headed to the Halifax airport. As my bus was arriving at the Arrivals' gate I noticed Bjorn exiting the airport and heading to his car. His flight had arrived early. I had arrived too late! As luck would have it, I had not come prepared with enough money to return back to Halifax on public transit, as I had assumed I would be returning with Bjorn in his car! I now had to find my way home with a stranger. Dressed like a, well... you know. After approaching a few people in the airport parking lot and having cars speed off, a friendly woman finally agreed to drive me back to town. I explained my full story to her with complete embarrassment. She then revealed that she had been Bjorn's supervisor on the flight. I wanted to die at that moment...

- Yasmin Waddell (Prize description)

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