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Council nixes region's plans for more homes south of Whistler

Whistler council did not support plans from the regional district to accommodate up to 400 more new homes just south of the resort's boundaries.


The plans have not been brought forward by a developer, rather the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District is making changes to the Official Community Plan of Area D, which stretches from Whistler's southern boundaries to south of Furry Creek.

The proposed change would allow land use designations for a Planned Community and a Potential Planned Community north of the Black Tusk/Pinecrest Estates area and allow more single family homes to be developed just three kilometres south of Whistler.

The proposed changed to the OCP comes at a time when the region as a whole is working on a Regional Growth Strategy to deal with the onslaught of development in the region, among other things.

A number of proposals, or potential re-zonings in the region, have Whistler concerned about fringe development.

Whistler council voted against the proposed changes at Monday's council meeting.

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