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Council honours long-time transit manager



Council honoured the former manager of Whistler Transit Monday for the dedication he showed to the job.

Mayor Ken Melamed said it was not simply the length of time that garnered Scott Pass the recognition β€” he was with Whistler Transit for 12 years β€” but also the commitment he brought to the job.

More often than not, said the mayor, he could hear Pass over the radio system on the bus at night. And when the company was short a driver, Pass himself would don a uniform and drive a bus.

β€œThe kudos come not just from council but from other partners he worked with,” said Melamed.

Pass thanked council, in particular singling out the mayor and Councillor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, who he said were supporters of transit long before it was fashionable.

Pass has accepted a job with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Games as manager of bus systems from Whistler and Vancouver.

He brings his on-the-ground operational experience and local expertise to the job, which complements his colleagues who have significant Games and big event experience.

His home base remains in Whistler.

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