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Council candidate: Simon Briggs


Age: 36

Website: None

Occupation: Primarily, accounts payable

Last book read: Currently reading the Speaker for the Dead , which is a series of five books

What music are you listening to these days? Everything but opera

Favourite recreational pursuits: I like walking, swimming, biking, playing pool, and going to movies. Mostly social stuff that involves people and getting out.


1. Why are you running for council?

Because someone has to speak for the everyday person or the people that are working the crazy hours that want to stay but cannot necessarily stay because of housing restraints.

If we can keep these people here, it will save us money on training. Guests will come up if they see the same person every time they visit because of the sense of familiarity, and it will make them feel at home. Also, it saves money because you do not have to train people every three months.

We also can build up a stronger sense of community by keeping people here and making sure they do not have to leave every few months or so. If we can get people to stay, and we can get more housing in, then we can also keep a steadier workforce.

I am also running because I feel that the average person does not have a voice. Most people that are running own businesses and are going for their own self-interest. Most of them are married so they are going for a family thing, so they are not going for people who are looking to get married or are not married yet.

I am also running for accountability because I feel that the councils in the past couple years are getting better at accountability, but they are still lacking communication within the community. We have to build up that trust and keep us going forward. We seem to get bogged down with a lot of name-calling and cheap shots without actually going anywhere.


2. Given that revenue from development is declining and the municipality is more dependent on hotel tax revenue at a time of economic uncertainty, how do you propose the municipality balance its budgets the next few years?

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