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Council candidate: Shane Bennett


Age: 45 to 50

Website: www.whistlerpolitics.com , or search youtube for whistlerpolitics

Occupation: unethically suppressed wireless provider

Last book read: Drums of the Winged Carrier 2020 by Aryana. Printed by publishamerica.com

What music are you listening to these days? Native Indian

Favourite recreational pursuits: Drill sergeant for my 3 oops 4 boys now equestrian pursuits

1. Why are you running for council?

Good dental plan.

2. Given that revenue from development is declining and the municipality is more dependent on hotel tax revenue at a time of economic uncertainty, how do you propose the municipality balance its budgets the next few years?

Shut down the WRA, a.k.a. Whistler rip off association. They sold out themselves and Whistler when they handed "our" tourist data base to Intrawest. Redirect the membership fees to pay down the tax dept for two years and start over fresh.

3. What other important issues does Whistler face in the next three years?

Go to my website. I will be publishing lots of video blogs dealing with unethical conduct, corruption, incompetence, greed and murder in this sick tinsel town.

4. What needs to be done to address those issues?

Install my new democratic system and ethical intent policies for all of Whistler, civil disobedience for the 2010 Games to bring the IOC to their knees and scream uncle and get them to modify the hosting as to spread the joy and risk/burden to many cities, in essence make the hosting of the Games inclusive like the athletes that participate from many cities.