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Council candidate: Dave Sharpe


Age: 48 Actual, 35 in Whistler Years

Website: www.electsharpe.com

Occupation: Twenty years in sales and marketing in Whistler (OK... I bartended at Merlin’s, Joel’s and Club 10 in the early days). My lifestyle addiction is now serviced by acting as a real estate professional for Remax Sea to Sky Realty

Last books read: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and How to Forgive Jerks Who Attack You Personally by Heezry Tairyn

What music are you listening to these days: John Mayer, Feist, Coldplay, but more Eagles and Neil Young recently as I am trying to learn the guitar, and they provide that best songs needing the fewest chords.

Favourite recreational pursuits: Skiing, skiing skiing... biking...“masters league” hockey. Recently retired from stop/start sports... Slowpitch C and Squash.

1. Why are you running for council?

I love this town and I am aware that there are a number of big issues before the community right now. I feel that I am the right person to work with a team of people who are prepared to make tough decisions for this community. I have a strong background in the resident housing community and I see that as an enormous issue that requires attention.

2. Given that revenue from development is declining and the municipality is more dependent on hotel tax revenue at a time of economic uncertainty, how do you propose the municipality balance its budgets the next few years?

Fiscal Reality, short term:

The community needs to understand that we may have some tough times ahead financially. We need to come together and acknowledge this fact. We need commitment from our citizens to participate, each in their own way, to solutions. While I would love to have the luxury of enjoying some economic optimism...

In the short term we are likely to be adjusting Budgets and/or raising taxes.

Long view, Diversify the economy:

This is not a quick fix. We need to talk as a community on how we see our future. Is there value in a higher learning centre here in Whistler? Should we broaden our tax base through further development? Is the existence of our bed cap still warranted? What can we do to maximize our arts, culture and heritage tourism using our incredible community buildings, in our world of shrinking budgets? We need to have ALL options on the table for discussion and the new council will need to hit the ground running.

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