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Council approves half a million in community grants

Council has increased its Grant-In-Aid funding this year by more than $55,000 over last year.



Almost half a million dollars will be provided to various community groups to help them in 2004.

Of the 31 grant applications that came before the municipality, council approved funding for 23 different groups, among them AWARE, the Whistler Naturalist Society and the Zero Ceiling Society of Canada.

Among the groups to receive the most money were the Whistler Community Arts Council with a $95,500 grant, the Whistler Museum & Archives with a $74,000 grant and Whistler Animals Galore with $51,000.

Both the museum and WAG got increases to their grants over last year and the Arts Council’s grant was the same as the previous year.

The museum also got an extra $16,000 on top of their $74,000 as funding from the hotel tax.

Likewise the Chamber of Commerce got $133,828 in aid from hotel tax, which will fund tourism related expenditures.

The grants, totalling $490,108 can be accommodated in the budget.

The applications for grants this year totalled more than $1.2 million.

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