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Cougar sightings still reported in Squamish


More cougar sightings have been reported in Squamish but there has been no aggressive behaviour from the animals in the past week.

Conservation Officer Chris Doyle said the sightings have been reported in Garibaldi Highlands and the Valleycliffe/Hospital Hill areas.

While the increased number of sightings could mean residents are just being more vigilant, Doyle said it could also indicate that there are "possibly more (cougars) than usual" in Squamish.

Two cougars have been destroyed in the last 10 days in Squamish after one attacked and killed a small dog on The Chief, and another attacked and injured a small child in Brackendale.

"Definitely the two interactions... were from cougars that have recently split away from family groups," said Doyle, explaining that they were both juvenile cats and therefore relatively inexperienced hunters.

He is asking for people to report any cougar sightings to 1-877-952-7277 or Pound 7277 on their cell phone. Doyle is also reminding people to be alert and careful of pets and small children.

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