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Cornucopia’s cup runs over


Offering more than 50 tastings, seminars and parties in the span of just five days, the 12 th annual Cornucopia promises plenty of food, wine and fun.

This is the first time Watermark Communications has organized the annual festival, and they’re making a few changes to the favourite local event.

Sue Eckersley, president of Watermark, said they received feedback from previous years that indicated people wanted to see more local participation in the event. So this year, they’ve shifted the focus to involve more establishments from within Whistler.

In previous years, the popular Crush! tasting events have cost $100, and food tastings were offered alongside the wine tasting. But Eckersley pointed out that much of the food was actually provided by restaurants from Vancouver, because local restaurants were too busy catering to crowds who came to town for Cornucopia.

“We’ve created this program where you can go into a restaurant before Crush! or after Crush!, and it’s all packaged in,” Eckersley said, explaining that the new approach actually offers great value for your money.

Tickets range in price from $100 to $130 and offer various levels of tasting or full menus from select restaurants throughout the village.

“The purpose being is really to expose people to the Whistler experience, not just the conference experience,” Eckersley said. “… So this way it’s really injecting the Whistler flavours into the event.”

They’ve also changed up the seminar schedule, introducing quite a few new events geared towards people looking for an introduction to the world of wine, with topics like creating your own wine cellar, and selecting wines to age. Organizers are also offering eco-friendly options; in addition to the favourite Chef’s Trip to the Farm, they’ve added seminars on organic and biodynamic wines, and a session entitled Dr. Farrell’s Green Tea, Red Wine And Chocolate Diet.

But don’t panic — they’re holding on to the popular events, like the winemakers’ dinners and the Battle of the Sexes.

Organizers are also ensuring that the Westin’s Artisan Market is included in this year’s Cornucopia celebrations, as the market features wares from throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, and again emphasizes local works.

Ready your taste buds — tickets to Cornucopia: Whistler’s Celebration of Wine and Food, which runs from Thursday, Nov. 6 until Monday, Nov. 10, are now available on a new website: www.whistlercornucopia.com .