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Corinne Allison

Candidate profile


Hockey Card:

Occupations? Business owner & entrepreneur.

Furthest place you travelled and why. I travelled to Thailand with my family while they were young to experience a vastly different culture and environment. The six weeks of rock climbing, home schooling, and adventure are cherished memories!

Describe yourself using five words or less. Collaborative leader, critical thinker, creative problem solver and fiscally responsible.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? I was the first member of my family to enter a Loonie Race!

Profile Questions:

What do you see as the top election issues? Municipal fiscal responsibility and increased efficiency. Taxpayers want good value for money spent, reduced municipal spending and maximize return on investment in the tourism sector with spin-off to local business. Affordability issues including parking user fees, property taxes and transportation. Stimulation of our economy through tourism, increased diversity and new business.

How would you address the budget shortfall? First - revisit the budget line items and find greater efficiencies, prioritize according to the resort community's needs and assess its validity. Secondly - go back to the capital budget and identify the ROI (Return On Investments) on projects. The replacement of infrastructure should be scheduled based on its lifespan and not necessarily due to improved efficiencies. For sound decision-making, associated non-capital costs and long term operating costs need to be identified at the outset. Thirdly - seek additional revenue sources.

What do you think is the RMOW's role in boosting tourism? The number one role is to identify and secure funding for local tourism initiatives and programs through provincial and federal sources. The RMOW, together with stakeholders, needs to develop an economic plan for the $10 million RMI fund and AHRT to best leverage the returns. It needs to collaborate with community stakeholders regularly to identify municipal services and infrastructure needs for tourism, for feedback as to how well RMOW is providing services, and to continually reassess efforts in order to meet changing external conditions in a timely manner. Provide excellent customer service to event organizers. Events should be encouraged to work with local businesses to minimize overlap of services. Balance user fees of community facilities with the level of economic impact the event brings, i.e. the greater the benefit to the resort the less the event pays. Continue to champion relations with the provincial government with regard to regulations and work with local interest groups to ensure Whistler's ability to satisfy resort needs is not impeded - such as liquor laws, accessibility and trail preservation.

What would you do to enhance the environment for business? RMOW should not compete with existing business. RMOW should not wholesale, retail, or plan events other than community events. RMOW should hire local businesses, contractors and consultants before spending municipal budgets outside the community. Ensure that equal opportunity is available. It should work with new business to encourage and support proposals that fit with the OCP such as education services, health services and technology. The greater the long term economic impact, the greater the support.

Give an example of a difficult situation you have overcome. Reclaiming my voice! Five and a half years ago I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. I underwent three surgeries in seven months. I was not able to speak for one month after each surgery. This experience helped me become a better listener, choose my words more carefully, and make time for the important things in life. One of those things is our community and I am ready to speak up and get to work!

Where can people go to get your election platform?

Coming soon to www.CorinneAllison.ca

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