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Bomb threat at Tommy's A bomb threat phoned in to "911" evacuated Tommy Africa's night club, June 20, just before 1 a.m. A search of the bar turned up nothing, but RCMP say the incident is extremely serious. "We traced the phone call to the phones in the breezeway," Const. Warren Tomalty says of the main entrance to Village Square. The caller is a man who sounded in his late 20s to early 30s. The voice sounded intoxicated and had no accent. "Please contact RCMP or Crime Stoppers if you have any information on who made that call," Tomalty says. "This is a very, very serious matter." Chain your bikes Warm weather can bring out the worst in some people, so chain up your bicycles, say RCMP. "Bike thefts are really on the rise," says Const. Warren Tomalty. "Don't leave them unlocked on your balcony or in the hotel room because several people have access to those areas." Tourists should know that keeping a bicycle in the hotel bike locker is no guarantee of safety. "Put your own lock on it," Tomalty says. Bogus bills floating about Counterfeit money is back in town, say RCMP. Bar staff especially should be on the lookout for the phoney paper. The bills are clearly fake when seen in good light, but dark corners of taverns may not reveal the $20 bills’ true identity. The server can be out of the real cash if stuck with the paper. Police suggest servers or anyone else make mental notes of the person passing the money and delay giving change or "cashing" it until they can notify police. If in doubt what is real or fake, police are keen to drop by a restaurant or other business to teach staff the difference in a couple of hours. Early tips are: fake bills are much smoother than real money that has a texture to it. Look for "micro dots" or extreme detail. If it ain't there, it ain't real. Safety in numbers When in doubt, call the police if an ex-spouse or ex-partner threatens you, say Whistler police. This advice is prompted by a June 18 incident when a 20-year-old woman was threatened with a knife and kept against her will in the house of her ex-boyfriend. The woman had gone to the address to retrieve some of her belongings when the two got into an argument. The man, 26, was intoxicated and threatened the woman with a knife, RCMP say. She calmed him down and left, but returned later. The man then assaulted her, keeping her in the residence against her will, police say. RCMP are recommending the man be charged with unlawful confinement, use of a weapon and uttering threats. "If you are at all intimidated by someone, call us and we'll keep the peace if you need to go back to the residence," says Const. Warren Tomalty. "If someone calls us to keep the peace, we will do it, but we may have to arrange a time because we may be out attending to other calls," Tomalty says. "But call us." If the threatening situation is "live," calling RCMP will bring them right away. In a pinch, go with a friend who will be, if nothing else, a witness. "We'd rather you called us than for us to have to deal with a worse situation later," Tomalty says.