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Conveniently Canadian

The Book of Negroes delves into one of the ‘neglected corners’ of Canada’s past



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"Because the word 'negroes' was too 'incendiary' for publication in the American market, first, and the American publisher refused at the last minute to take the title," Hill said.

In the United States, moreso than here in Canada, the term "negro" is considered by many to be very offensive.

"In fairness, the word is very offensive in African American culture. It's offensive in African Canadian culture, too, but it's more explosive south of the border, and it's taken on, really, a new meaning. I mean, when my father who was an African American and was growing up in the States, 'negro' was kind of the word of choice if you wanted to be polite and respectful when referring to black people. But he was born in 1923, and that's another generation."

Hill will speak about The Book of Negroes during an event at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre on Saturday night. Tickets are available at www.theviciouscircle.ca.