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Construction to begin on Meadow Park pool roof

Contract awarded at special council meeting



Construction on a new roof over the pool area of the Meadow Park Sports Centre (MPSC) is set to begin following council's approval of the construction contract.

The $543,873 contract was awarded to Flynn Canada Ltd., with construction due to begin Aug. 25 and be completed by Oct. 7.

"It would be dumb for us to keep patching it. I think it's time for a new roof," said Councillor Roger McCarthy, who sat in as acting mayor at the special Friday council meeting on Aug. 8, where the contract was approved.

"The sooner we get it done, the better, and I think the price is excellent given what needs to be done."

It is phase one of a two-phase project estimated at $2 million. The project was not part of the recent Five-Year Financial Plan, approved in April.

The roof's original builders — Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC) Consulting Engineers — conducted an evaluation earlier this year and determined a new roof was needed.

Through its evaluation, RJC identified corrosion of the structural steel deck and frame of the pool roof area on the more than 20-year old roof.

The roof work was not included in the 2014 budget.

Last month, council amended the Five-Year Financial Plan, increasing the Meadow Park Sports Centre Infrastructure Replacement budget by $735,000 from the original $650,000, which was for other upgrades to the centre.

Asked at the council meeting what the life expectancy of the original pool roof was, an RJC engineer said it was 10 years — meaning the MPSC's roof has more than doubled its lifespan.

"Anytime you can double the life expectancy out of something I think it really points to the fact that stuff is being maintained," McCarthy said.

The new roof will have a 25-30 year life expectancy, the engineer said.


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