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A new computer system for the municipality could cost nearly $1 million over three years. However, council was told the present system presents a high risk of failure and there is no guarantee it will be running by the time the 1997 tax cycle comes around. The Finance, Treasury and Property systems should be replaced as soon as possible, Kelly Barber, computer systems co-ordinator for the municipality, told council. But where the money will come from is not yet clear. The municipality has set aside $680,000 in its capital review to buildout for computer systems, but the money is budgeted over the next 10 years. Of the $960,000 estimated for a new system about one-third would be for software and about $90,000 would be for server systems. The remainder would be for "implementation" of the new system, including training, data transfer and other costs associated with switching to a new system. Council has not made a direct commitment to the new system, but did approve $25,000 for Sierra Systems Consultants Inc. to assist in the selection and implementation of the first phase of a new computer system. Sierra will evaluate systems, software and suppliers for the municipality so that the first phase can be implemented by Oct. 1 for the 1997 tax cycle. The second phase of the new system will be the Records Management and Payroll/Human Resources. The third phase would be Maintenance Management systems. The thrid phase is anticipated to be completed by December, 1998.

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