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Comfortably Numb



Tofino beach boys ride the cold wave in surf film

What: Numb, a Surf Movie premiere

Where: The Garibaldi Lift Co.

When: Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m.

There’s no such thing as an endless summer at Vancouver Island’s best-known surf town, Tofino, but there is some of the most powerful winter weather with blowing snow and cold currents you could ever imagine paddling out in.

Five friends who grew up calling these arctic conditions their home break, have since made a movie called Numb , for obvious reasons. Featuring some of the best professional and amateur surfers in Western Canada, Numb , was shot with the breathtaking backdrop of a temperate rainforest, snow-filled sandbanks and a coastline filled with killer whales.

First-time filmmaker, Jeremy Koreski, is well known for his postcard perfect images of surfers and their environment. He’s been published in The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, Surfing Guide and Outdoor Canada Magazine. He’d been dabbling with a digital camera for a while and thought it was time to jump head-first into the deep dark blue. He grabbed his friends, a custom water housing for the camera and some fins and paddled out there. A year later and Numb is the finished product.

"The reaction so far has been really good, with the only negative comments being that the film is too short. But being my first, I didn’t know how long I should make it. I’m wiser now and am already working on the next one, called Shrink . So consider Numb just a taste of what’s to come."

The film stars Raph and Sepp Bruhwiler, Ryan Erickson and Peter DeVries, plus a few shots of Whistler gun snowboarder Paul Henderson, who Koreski threw in for good measure.

"Up until recently he had no sponsorship and he’s just amazing," he said.

So did any of the guys freeze during filming?

"After a while you really don’t notice it. We wear 6mm Rip Curls these days and we’re actually sweating by the time we get out of the water."

Yeah, sure, whatever you say Koreski.

"Okay, if it’s your first time and you’re from Australia or Hawaii then yes, you will find it a little discouraging."

To get an idea of Koreski’s passion for this unique surf culture, go to www.jeremykoreski.com and come along to Sunday night’s show. Koreski and his subjects should be there, although there’s a huge swell on its way, bigger than anything in the past five years, so naturally they could be no-shows. Either way as a special incentive, there’ll be dozens of door prizes, including surf lessons, gear from various surf companies, and copies of the video. DJ R3 will be spinning all night.

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