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Colorado survey good news for ski industry


The good news coming out of Colorado right now indicates there will be good things coming to Whistler this winter.

It's only been three months since the terrorist attacks in the U.S. and already skiers and snowboarders are regaining confidence and starting to plan their winter trips to the mountains, according to a recent consumer survey.

The online survey conducted by the Colorado Tourism Office and Colorado Ski Country USA polled about 2,300 people during the first week of November.

The results show that the impact of Sept. 11 might not be affecting leisure travel as much as first anticipated.

Since October, when people were first polled, the number of respondents who said they would change their travel plans because of the terrorist attacks has declined by 24 per cent. Now, they are more likely to change their travel plans for economic reasons.

Also down, by 48 per cent, is the number of people who said they would put off booking a leisure holiday as well as those who said they would cancel a trip.

Most people cancelled trips in the immediate aftermath of the attacks and the number one reason for cancelling then was concern for safety.

The recent results show that people are willing to travel again.

However, the poll highlighted one particular trend in the types of holidays that people are now taking.

They are now more likely to travel close to home, visit friends and relatives or go on a skiing/snowboarding holiday, as opposed to travelling abroad or going on a city vacation.

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