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Coffee bikes ready to roll


Dave Krasny of Slope Side Supply has 15 battered but functional bikes ready to go as part of Slope Side’s Function Coffee Bike Program. The bikes will be handed out this week on a first-come, first-serve basis to interested businesses in the Function Junction area.

The goal is to get workers to leave their cars parked when they are running errands in the Function Junction part of town, cutting down on traffic and air pollution while embracing a more environmentally sustainable mode of transportation.

While a lot of people already have bikes, most of those bikes are too valuable to leave leaning against the sides of stores and restaurants, and it can be hassle to deal with locks and find places to use them.

In addition, a number of people drive to work and leave their bikes at home.

The bikes have been tuned and repaired by Slope Side’s own Kevan Shaler, outfitted with baskets, and painted a bright yellow so they are easily identifiable.

While only the first companies to call will receive bikes this time, the companies that miss out can be put on a waiting list for when the next bikes roll in. Eventually, Krasny would like to see bikes parked outside of every business, and for people to be able to grab them and use them for errands whenever they want.

"We’re not going to go for the controlled chaos program until we have at least 50 bikes out there," said Krasny. "This way we’ll have a list of companies that want the bikes, and a better idea how many we need to make this work."

Any businesses that would like a bike can call 604-938-1680. Any individual who would like to donate a bike to the Function Coffee Bike program can call the same number.

Participants in the program have to supply their own bike helmets for safety. Drivers should also be on the lookout for the bikes, as there are going to be a lot more of them around the busy industrial park.