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The often-destitute Coast Mountain Outdoor School is getting another chance to operate. The Howe Sound School District is accepting independent applications for the operation and management of the school. "The school will remain closed unless we get someone who can successfully operate it," said Doug Courtice, district superintendent. The school will still be owned by the Ministry of Education and the school district, but all and administrative responsibilities will be up to the applicants. The school will not be funded in any way by the school district. The 20-year-old facility has been a money pit for the school district in the past, running a deficit despite attempts to reorganize it. "In the past the school district assumed management and tried a couple of different ways to make the school pay for itself," said Courtice. "Now we can’t afford to subsidize it." "It’s a great facility and opportunity for students and adults, but there has to be a better way to provide that opportunity. We’re going to see if there’s a way to make it work," Courtice said. Courtice said he wants applicants to be creative in their proposals, while keeping in mind that the school will continue to be used by students. Exactly what the school will be like depends on which applicant is chosen to manage the school, said Courtice. "I don’t want to limit them. The school won’t necessarily be used only by kids." The application deadline is Sept. 19, and a site visit must be completed by Aug. 2.

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