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'Coalition is not a dirty word'

Political science professor Paddy Kaye on whether we really need another federal election



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Of all the parties, there's only one within breathing distance of a majority, but everything would have to go their way for that to happen. If this stuff continues and what the opposition is saying continues to stick... I think the opposition will continue to play up Bev Oda and Carson and other related things, although the public already seems a little tired of those already. But, if it gets down and dirty, there's always more mud to sling.


Pique: If it were going to be a Conservative majority or minority, wouldn't the best thing be for the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition?


PS: I think it might have been a good thing, although when you look at European countries the parties run on their own platforms and people understand that if there's no majority there will be some accommodation later on. It may not be what individuals prefer, but some Greens wound up with cabinet seats in the Germany government and the sky didn't fall.


I just don't see that happening. I think we've already talked ourselves out of a coalition. The Liberal Party thinks this is Ignatieff's shot at becoming Prime Minister, and that he's not going to get another one. The NDP think the Liberals are vulnerable, and if they fall apart who benefits? The NDP. So no, there's no stomach right now for any form of coalition between those parties. After the election? Perhaps. If we'd ever had one like Britain where the sky didn't fall, people would realize that they're not such a bad thing - even if all the British tabloids the next day were saying "Hung Parliament."





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