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Dynamix in the house tonight at Tommy’s



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Over the past decade, along with a healthy career as a globetrotting club and festival DJ, he has racked up an impressive list of production credits, remixing for Keoki, Groove Armada, A Tribe Called Quest and Orgy.

DJ Dan has also racked up an impressive discography of signature albums purveying his brand of beats laced with enough funky basslines and jangly guitar and electro samples to make house music’s detractors take another listen and thrill the already converted. The most recent is Accelerate , a two-CD effort released last fall.

Despite his recording successes he brushes off pinpointing his specific sound.

"Music is harder to categorize now than it's ever been," he has said. "I don't think it should be classified. It should be based on if it's good or not. A good record is a good record."

Dan takes to the decks at the weekly Foundation club night this Tuesday at Garfinkel’s. For advance tickets contact Dirty Beats Records at 604-935-3135.

Bassnectar infuses the GLC

Who: DJ Lorin

Where: Garibaldi Lift Co. (GLC)

When: Thursday, Feb. 24

Tickets: $30

Enigmatic San Francisco-based DJ Lorin brings his deep bass breaks and ethnic-sampled psy-hop grooves back to Whistler on Thursday, Feb. 24.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Lorin’s energy behind the decks is more rock ’n’ roll than aloof DJ-demigod. It’s a throwback to his younger days as a grindcore/black metal guitar player, which seems worlds away from the ethereal electronica he plays now.

"It was hard, dark, expressive music," Lorin has said. "But I have always been a gentle, kind-hearted person. I just like my music to be extremely deep."

That music is Bassnectar, the name of his label/production house and a life philosophy expounded on his Web site, which he also uses as a platform for his strong political beliefs subversive to the current U.S. administration. The sentiments often take up in the music, with one of the artist’s best-known tracks sampling the fiery Saul Williams speech Not In Our Name.

Lorin last visited Whistler in November, 2003 to spin for Soul Kitchen at Tommy Africa’s but most Whistler party people know him by his transcendent sets at events like Burning Man and Shambhala. An admitted prankster who will throw down the unexpected, he is also known to ask the dance floor if they would prefer the set "fast and crazy, or slow and grindy."