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club cabin stays put

Whistler Ski Club cabin moving plans put on hold First floor of building will need to be reconstructed By Andy Stonehouse Crews will be at work in the next week helping to partially rebuild Creekside’s Whistler Mountain Ski Club cabin, following a decision not to relocate the building this summer. Intrawest officials say the change in plans stems from permit delays, rather than any larger delay in work on Creekside’s new multi-million dollar Whistler Station redevelopment project. Since the beginning of the month, work had been underway to prepare the club cabin to be jacked up and moved to a new location on the north side of the creek, across the parking lot. Those plans have now been put on hold and the building’s first floor will have to be reassembled and gas and electrical connections reattached. Doug Ogilvie, vice president of Intrawest’s resort development group, said that complications in obtaining permits were part of the reason in delaying the move. He said the delays may also mean a later start for construction on a 2,200 square foot "discovery centre" planned in front of the Lake Placid Lodge. "We’ve deferred the move of the cabin this fall, as there have been a few more problems than we’d expected," Ogilvie said. "There are some time constraints in having the club ready for this winter’s World Cup and WinterStart events." Ogilvie said crews had only started doing some basic dismantling in the building’s basement and that the facility can be back in one piece in quick fashion. "With all of the legal history in Creekside, there’s a tonne of government holdings on the land. We only had to look at the calendar and know this isn’t going to happen this year." Ogilvie said the sales centre project may also have to be delayed, with construction over the winter to ready the building for a spring opening. That decision has yet to be made. While the on-again, off-again project will mostly mean a bit more work for construction crews, the change in plans has been a headache for club cabin caretaker Rick Hume. Hume and family have lived in a three-bedroom unit in the club cabin since October 1997 but moved out of the building in the beginning of August, anticipating the move. Hume said he now anticipates moving back into the club cabin, in its original position, by the end of next month. "Now we get to do it all again next year," he said. "Luckily, we rented a place until the end of September, so it’s like a holiday for us. We didn’t really have to move much of our personal effects." Workers had already removed the drywall from the club’s first floor walls, readying to insert beams through the building and lift it off its foundation.