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Clark, Allen take Samurai titles

Two-day race wraps up year six of seven-year mountain bike series



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The race was capped at 100 the first year, but grew every year with the addition of volunteers from past years, and the winner of Samurai contests. This year seven riders got in by singing karaoke at a Loonie Race. As well, members of the WORCA board were invited to take part, four of whom signed on.

The race started at the Roundhouse Lodge, followed Pika’s Traverse up and around the peak and dropped down Highway 86 and the Khyber Pass trail to the entrance to Babylon By Bike. Riders had the option of taking that trail, or following the logging roads down to Tunnel Vision before climbing back up through Kadenwood and mountain access roads to Boyd’s Trail on Whistler Mountain.

From there the trail went up the Flank to Cheap Thrills and 99er, the south section of Danimal, and the Beaver Pass trail back to the north section of Danimal. After a climb up Whip Me Snip Me, riders then followed a selection of Binty’s before turning on to Bart’s Dark Trail and the first section of A River Runs Through It. Afterwards riders climbed Mel’s Dilemma into Alpine and headed out to the White Knuckles/No Girlie Man climb up to Shit Happens and Big Kahuna. The last singletrack on day one was Section 102, followed by the long climb up to the Cougar Mountain Forest Service Road.

Day two started with a long climb up the logging roads to the entrance to Gargamel, the last half of Section 102 again, and most of Kill Me Thrill Me before cutting across the highway to the entrance to Comfortably Numb and the Young Lust descent. Riders then headed back towards the village over the Green Lake Loop, then did almost all of the Zappa trails through Lost Lake Park before turning off on the White Gold Traverse.

From there it was a tough grunt up and rip down Cut Yer Bars and a selection of Emerald Forest Trails before riding the first part of A River Runs Through It once again.

The last loop was a brutal climb up the Alpe d’Huez, followed by a descent that included Billy’s Epic, Surf’s Up and Bob’s Rebob before tackling the main section of A River Runs Through It.

Complete results and maps of the course are posted on the WORCA website at .

Clark, Allen take Samurai titles