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church credit

Many hands … (chris woodall) A Feb. 28 story on the official opening of the Catholic church is a case in point where an interesting story always has more information than the space available for it. The church, as we reported, is an inspiring structure dominated by a sweep of pillars carved from peeled cedar tree trunks. Although Durfeld Log Construction worked the logs into their final state, owner Matheo Durfeld called us to say Bosa Group was the general contractor for the community hall/church and the residence and should also get credit for the project. What we weren't able to squeeze into our original story is that the trees used in the construction are coastal cedars from the Bella Coola area, says Durfeld. The church floor is oak with mahogany accents, including the cross inlaid into the floor in front of the alter. Maybe the inspiration came from The Big Person in the sky, but Durfeld says the alter — a 'V' of two tree trunks — and the pulpit were created on the spur of the moment. The effect wonderfully keeps with the main theme. "It's a bit more rugged," Durfeld says of the effect. Durfeld, who is Catholic, says a lot of people from a variety of religious backgrounds contributed help and materials to the church's construction. "They simply thought the community hall and Catholic church facility was a good idea, a good addition to the community, Durfeld says. The hall was packed for the consecration of the church. "Everyone seems pretty pleased with the location," Durfeld says.