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Christmas tales to warm the heart

Pique writers offer up a selection of stories to enjoy over the holidays.


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Come New Years Eve, I was sick in bed with flu, (probably) caused by an aching heart and the unforgiveable winter prairie weather. My family had all but given up on me and with a heart that would not stop beating for my one true love, I felt loneliness that no 16 year old could possibly have ever felt before. I rang in the new millennium wondering how (and coming to no solid conclusion why) my week could have turned out so very, very wrong.

It took several years for me to recognize my grievous, angsty errors. I carry very few regrets but pining away like a miserable loser on Christmas, while surrounded by my entire family, is certainly one of them. It's possible that the Smysnuik clan might never band together under such celebratory circumstances again. Everyone has maintained good health, thank the heavens, but Lord knows that never lasts.

I pleaded with my parents to make another Christmas trip out east so we can all be together while its still possible but even my dad, who spent his entire childhood on a farm without electricity or central heating, says, "To hell with those winters."

It's a kicker, you know. My dearly beloved dumped me about a week after I returned home. She left me for a Filipino with the makings of an epic moustache and a fondness for excessive hair gel. I felt that I'd been swindled and declared my undying hate for the poor girl, and then got over it about a month later when something else consumed my adolescent passions in that specific point in time.

Seize the day, Charlie Brown

By Andrew Mitchell

Author's Note: This story is filled with Peanuts references, some of which you might go over your head. The most important is that Charlie Brown originally purchased Snoopy from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

harlie Brown buttoned up his coat, said goodnight to his friends, and headed out into the cool of the night.

"Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

"Merry Christmas everyone!"

They offered to call him a cab as he had a few glasses of wine with dinner that evening and wasn't known as much of a drinker. He politely refused, preferring the long walk home and a chance to be alone with his thoughts. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.

It was two days before Christmas, his favourite time of the year. He relished the smell of wood burning in fireplaces and the swish of snow around his feet. The baseball-round moon waxed a pale harvest yellow behind a veil clouds, giving each on a silver lining. The topmost branches of the maples, oaks and elms that lined the street were shot through with snow, and cast crooked white silhouettes against the glowing night sky.