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Chomlack earns second at nationals

Rookie boarder hits first podium at Mount St-Louis Moonstone



Jadyn Chomlack's season has been one of adjustment.

The 14-year-old Whistler Valley Snowboard Club member is enjoying his first year on the travelling circuit and he capped it off nicely at the Junior Slopestyle National Championships at Mount St-Louis Moonstone earlier this month, earning second in the boys' competition.

He acknowledged the conditions and the course both provided their share of opposition, but he crediting his coaches with helping to tailor his run to the situation.

"I went into it with a run I was going to do, but that run wasn't going to happen, so I worked from there and had a full day of practice to figure it out," he said. "They helped me get a run that I could make it down, that I could land every single time on the challenging course."

The Ontario setup was so difficult that Chomlack very nearly didn't even put himself in position for a medal after struggling to get out of the qualifiers.

"In qualis, I just landed it well on my last one. I wasn't having the best morning and then I finally landed a run and just qualified, so I was super happy I could put it together," he said. "I had no expectations. I just wanted to land my run and have fun."

Chomlack observed many of his competitors were trying to go big, but were penalized heavily if they didn't make it.

"When I went, I did a few mellower tricks, not as big," he said. "I made all the rails right until the end, was really stoked on all my tricks and I think it refreshed (the judges) a bit knowing it's possible to make the jumps.

"A lot of people weren't landing on it. They were just falling and not able to have speed for the jumps. It was almost like survival so the top three were pretty much the only people that landed a good run and made it from top to bottom.

"I pretty much just landed a nice, safe run that wouldn't normally be enough."

Earlier in the season, Chomlack made finals in his three previous events, two at Sun Peaks and one in Calgary, hitting the top 10 in two of those.

"It's been a crazy year. This has been my first year really travelling with a contest series. It's been really good. I had a really good experience. I came into it with low expectations and I ended up doing really well," he said.