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Chilliwack Fraser Canyon - Aisha Coghlan

Young schoolteacher represents Greens


The Green Party’s candidate in the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding is Aisha Coghlan, a 21-year-old schoolteacher who works in the Bridge River area north of Lillooet.

Coghlan does not have a phone or a driver’s licence, but she agrees with the Green Party’s principles.

"I know that this is the right way to go," said Coghlan on the Green Party Web site.

"I think that all people should have the opportunity to make a difference. By voting Green you are taking a stand and saying that ‘yes we do need change, and yes you do want to make a difference.’ That is a really wonderful statement to make!"

Coghlan grew up on an organic farm in Lytton and has a deep respect for the earth and learning about the land. One of her favourite pastimes is spending time in her herb and vegetable gardens.

She also enjoys hiking, travelling, music and working with children.

Among the 10 key values of the Green Party are sustainability, grassroots democracy, community-based economics, and ecological wisdom.

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