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Chateau expansion recommended to Japanese owners A $50 million expansion of the Chateau Whistler Resort could begin next June and the doors are expected to open Jan. 1 1998. "We are preparing a case now," says Chateau Whistler General Manager David Roberts. "We are optimistic the Whistler market is strengthening, growing and the timing is right." Plans for the second phase of the Chateau were drawn in 1987, long before the hotel opened in November, 1989. However, the expansion is contingent on Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals' approval and financial backing. Roberts and Robert Demone, chief executive officer of CP Hotels and Resorts, will fly to Japan next month to present detailed visitor and conference business projections to executives of Yamanouchi. Yamanouchi bought 80 per cent of the Chateau Whistler from CP Hotels and Resorts a few months after the hotel opened. CP owns the remaining 20 per cent and has a 70-year contract to manage the hotel. The expansion will add 200 rooms to the 343 the hotel currently has and will double the conference space to 28,000 square feet. The additions will take place in the area of the existing conference space and over top of the parking area.