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Charges recommended in grizzly kill

Crown will decide what action to take against suspect



A suspect has been identified in the shooting of a large male grizzly bear in the Pemberton Meadows on Nov. 17, and according to Chris Doyle of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, they are just completing their report and will forward it to the Crown counsel for prosecution.

The grizzly was discovered on the side of the road near the turnoff to the Hurley Forest Service Road. Some parts of the animal were missing, possibly kept for trophies. The conservation office made a plea to the public to identify suspects.

It's illegal to hunt grizzlies in this area where the bears are scarce, although some areas of B.C. do issue hunting permits for grizzlies on a limited basis.

Grizzly Bears do frequent the Pemberton Meadows where they access salmon fishing areas.

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