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Chaos reigns with Sidesixtyseven


Who: Sidesixtyseven and the Golers

What: An Evening of Debauchary

Where: Boot Pub

When: Saturday, April 19

An evening of chaos is putting it mildly. Expect some serious anarchy.

But wait, there’s more – those strife-laden Sidesixtyseven lads will play a private after hours show that you can only get in to if you’re at the Boot on Saturday night. Judging by the energy spewing out from the roof of The Boot last time they played, this is definitely not a place for the weak or meagre.

Having openly admitted that Whistler is their favorite place to play in North America, Sidesixtyseven never fall shy of spilling new blood and blowing the roof off the local establishments.

Metal inbred maniacs, the Golers, are sure to kick-start the evening with their own breed of bashing rock.

Bodhisattva Films is hosting the evening with tonnes of kick downs for the crowd from Cannabis Culture, Rvca Clothing, The Circle and Ink Bomb Tattoos. It’s more than worth the $5 cab ride from the village, don’t you think?