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Changes underway at Blackcomb terrain park


New passes required for advanced, expert terrain

For the 2001-02 season, Whistler-Blackcomb will have more than 40 acres of terrain parks for beginner, advanced and intermediate skiers and snowboarders, with table tops, spines, rails, halfpipes, and other park features.

But unless you sign a special waiver for the advanced and expert parks, you won’t make it past the gate.

A fence is currently being built around the advanced and expert parks, and mountain staff will be on hand to check passes before they admit anyone.

"People need to realize that they’re taking on more of a challenge and more of a risk when they go into the advanced and expert parks. At the same time, parents need to know what their kids are up to in these parks," says Terrain Park supervisor Stu Osborne.

Although the details are still being worked out, Osborne says skiers and boarders will have to go to Guest Relations to get a terrain park pass. The will have to read information about using the park safely, and sign a special waiver. As always, people under the age of 18 will require the signature of a parent or guardian.

The fee for the pass has not been decided, but Osborne says it will be minimal. "Enough to cover the cost of the plastic and the picture. This is not a money-maker at all."

Every park user, even day visitors, will need a pass to get in, but that pass is good for the entire season.

On the bright side, this may lessen the number of people using the advanced and expert terrain by weeding out the less skilled or less serious people who may have wandered into the park before.

"It’s just really to make the whole place work a little better, a little smoother," says Osborne.

More information on how the park has changed this year and how it will work will be available in the next few weeks.