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Changes to bus service Monday

The Whistler and Valley Express (WAVE) winter bus schedule ends after the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival wraps up on Sunday.


A new spring schedule will take effect on Monday with less frequent service to many areas.

According to Scott Pass, the manager of Whistler Transit, the schedule will be the same as last spring and fall.

New this year is a summer service with additional buses for popular routes like Creekside.

The number of buses in service during the winter is 20, while nine buses will be active in the spring and fall. During the summer there will be 12 buses on the road.

The new schedules will be available today.

The Pemberton Valley Transit System will also see some changes this spring, with higher fares kicking in on May 1 – the first fare increase since the service began in October of 2000.

Cash fares are now $2.50 for adult Whistler commuters, $1.75 for Adults travelling locally, $2 for student and senior commuters, and $1.75 for students and seniors travelling within Pemberton.

Ten-trip tickets and monthly passes are also available.