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cfox approved

CFOX given approval to go on air in Whistler By Andy Stonehouse The hard rock sounds of one of Vancouver's most popular radio stations will be available on the air in Whistler within the next few months, giving local listeners an additional radio choice. On July 8, the CRTC granted approval for CFOX to step into the Whistler market and set up a 47 watt repeater station, allowing residents to pick up the station on their stereos. CFOX manager Chris Pandoff said he expects the repeater station to be in operation by the beginning of ski season, depending upon the time it takes to purchase and install the equipment. Pandoff said the station's decision to broadcast in Whistler was made in order to serve its Lower Mainland-based listeners who flock to Whistler on the weekends year-round. "It occurred to us that a good portion of our regular listeners are in Whistler on the weekends, so we decided to follow our audience," he said. "Whistler's a very unique place for Vancouverites. I don't think we could find another place with the same kind of migration." Pandoff said the repeater station's signal will be relatively weak but listeners should be able to pick up the station in the village and slightly north and south of town. He insists that CFOX is not trying to take the place of Mountain FM in Whistler and will not be going after Mountain FM's business. He said the station may add some local traffic reports and road advisories to its broadcasts, but little else. "We don't want to become a Whistler station and we won't be soliciting business in Whistler. We also don't want to interrupt the day-to-day business of Mountain FM." CFOX is operated by Shaw Radio Ltd. and is already available in Whistler on cable. The new on-air signal will be broadcast at 92.3 in FM. Mountain FM management have previously said that the debut of a Vancouver radio station in the local market could have a dire impact on the company's ability to provide local coverage, as well as its plans to open up an all-Whistler station by the year 2000.