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Peking Duk returns to Garf's for Australia Day



Australia Day in Whistler is becoming a bit of a habit for proud Aussie sons and electro house duo Peking Duk.

This is the third time in recent years Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde have flown over to perform during the celebration on Jan. 26.

"It has become a bit of a tradition," Styles says over the phone from Sydney.

And last year, he adds their shows at Garfinkel's and The Longhorn Saloon were crazy fun.

"It was so funny at the Longhorn. There were, like, 10 people climbing up onto the rooftop. One dude had a tin of Milo — it's a common chocolate malt drink that we have in Australia. He was pouring vodka into the Milo tin and it was hilarious," Styles says. "Things got out of hand."

Another important Whistler Australia Day experience is the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown where the most popular songs of the year are chosen by Australian listeners of Triple J Radio. Lots of pubs and clubs in Whistler play the music countdown live.

"It's the largest musical democracy in the world. The biggest voting poll," Styles says.

Peking Duk has made it to the list before, including two songs in the Top Five: "Take Me Over" and "High." Doing so well in the poll elevated the group's career, Styles adds.

"And at Garfinkel's it's always about 2 a.m. when they announce the winner. It's pretty exciting having it all happen live when we're there, playing our set in Whistler, with a whole bunch of other Australians," he says.

"It feels like our second home."

The fellas return to Garfinkel's for two shows on Wednesday, Jan. 25 and Thursday, Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. The Thursday night is already sold out.

After opening their North American Tour in Whistler, shows to follow include Houston, Edmonton, Seattle, Mexico and Montreal. A lot of Air Miles will be gained.

"Instead of making it easy for the artists and take a bus, we decided to make it easy for the venues and promoters and fly everywhere," Styles laughs.

"Once you start using airports enough and they give you those random TSA pre-checks, it is kind of bearable. But I'd much rather be on a bus, that is way more fun."

Musically speaking, Peking Duk has a new single out called "Stranger," with Swedish singer Elliphant.

"We've got a whole lot of tunes in the works. We've been going on writing trips over the last 12 months to the U.K. and Sweden and working with a lot of vocalists there," Styles says.

"They are the best places for us to get into writing mode; we don't have shows, it has just been purely writing. A lot of good has come from that and we're really excited to let it roll out."

He adds that there will be a new album — eventually.

"Before 2020, I daresay," he laughs.


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