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Celebrate Earth Day with a green ribbon


The Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (NWPS) and Environmental Fund of British Columbia are kicking off the first annual Green Ribbon Campaign to draw attention to Earth Day and the environment.

Green Ribbons can be purchased at local IGA stores throughout the province, as well as at Mountain Equipment Co-op stores and at other participating merchants. The ribbons will also be available at Earth Day events.

Earth Day is officially on April 22, although the Green Ribbon Campaign will run for Earth Weeks, from April 14 to 28.

In recent years Earth Day celebrations have gotten smaller and smaller as major issues have been resolved and people turned their attention to other problems. According to the NWPS, however, there are new issues to resolve and the health of the environment is in even greater danger today.

While there may not be a single campaign to electrify the public, such as the controversial provincial wolf kill program in the 1980s, there’s a general problem to address.

"With the wellspring of support that Earth Day receives annually, we feel that a recognizable icon such as the green ribbon is a natural tie-in, bringing public focus back to environmental issues and helping to make wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation, as well as many other environmental concerns, mainstream again," says Michele Kvarnstrom, a representative for the Green Ribbon Campaign.