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Whistler, Canada Mounties on horseback, riding through pristine forests, over rugged mountains and past picturesque lakes and streams, are the stereotypical image of Canada. Whistler has all of these, but there is also evidence of real Canadiana in Whistler, such as: o Government funding: The Federal Business Development Bank was a partner with the Aspen Ski Company in the development of Blackcomb Mountain. The FBDB got into the ski business when it came to the rescue of Fortress Mountain in Alberta. When Hugh Smythe, then the manager at Fortress, got together with Aspen on a development proposal for Blackcomb the FBDB came along. Intrawest has since bought out both Aspen and the FBDB. o Government funding II: The federal MURB (Multiple Unit Residential Building) program of the early ’80s played a key part in the development of Whistler Village. Developers were eligible for a federal funds once they built the foundations for a hotel or lodge. Unfortunately some developers built foundations and never completed the buildings. The foundation of what is now the Crystal Lodge sat abandoned on the edge of Village Stroll for a couple of years until Al and Nancy Raine put together a partnership to build the Nancy Greene Lodge. o An ice arena, where kids and adults play hockey 11 months of the year. After a school, an ice arena is usually the next priority for any town in the country. o The Crazy Canucks legacy: Ken Read, Dave Murray, Steve Podborski and Dave Irwin created a new image of Canada for millions of people around the world. Their legacy is maintained by Whistler racers Rob Boyd and Edith Rozsa, as well as original Crazy Canuck Podborski, who now lives in Whistler. o Canadian philosophy: Seppo Makinen was sitting in a Whistler bar one time proclaiming Canada the best country in the world, B.C. the best province in the country, and Whistler the best place to live in the world. It therefore stands to reason, Makinen suggested, that the bar stool he was sitting on must be the best bar stool in the world.