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One incumbent, two hopefuls contend for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky


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Who did you vote for as the Greatest Canadian: Fathers of Confederation

Favourite Vancouver Canuck: Trevor Linden

Favourite thing about campaigning: It's the people, for sure

Least favourite thing about campaigning: Missing the hockey games, and then I think maybe lack of sleep.

Why people should vote for you in 10 words or less: I hope that they'll vote for the B.C. Liberal plan to keep the economy strong.

Pique: What are the major issues you would like to focus on in your campaign? And what issues are the public bringing to your attention?

JM: The major issues for sure are the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs. It's what people are talking about, that's what they're preoccupied with. Small business owners are all concerned about the economy and holding their businesses afloat and keeping employees, so I think it's all about job creation and keeping the economy going strong, and getting out of this downturn and coming out stronger on the other side.

Pique: What is your personal view on the STV system put forward by the Citizen's Assembly?

JM: I have concerns about the large size, combining the ridings. In our case, combining what are called the four North Shore ridings, it'd be well over 200,000 people from the 48,000 that our riding is today, from Deep Cove to D'Arcy. I think a riding that size diminishes the voice of the smaller communities, and those are the communities that I have been representing - because of course the population base would be concentrated in the North Vancouver areas. I also have a concern about the multi-member representation and how those duties will all play out. How that would play out with four members of one large riding... and even the format and how those four members are elected, the procedures of how those four are selected.

Pique: The economic crisis is global in scope, but what are some of the things we can do provincially to mitigate the impact ?

JM: I think that the B.C. Liberals' investment, the $14 billion investment in infrastructure over the next three years, is a huge step, because we can advertise the capital spending, we can spend money on capital and infrastructure (which is) different from operating deficit. We can invest in infrastructure, which we've been doing, and I think that that will keep workers working, and keep money circulating in the economy. We have a need to build infrastructure, roads, bridges, hospitals, seismic upgrades. The thing I like to say specifically for the Sea to Sky corridor is that we have the Olympics coming, which most jurisdictions are very envious of right now. There's $3 to $4 million a day that VANOC is pumping into the economy right now. And there's resource roads, there's $598,000 going to some in the area like the Hurley, and also trails, grants we've given for trails and infrastructure.