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Whistlerites give Cancer patient the grand tour When it comes to charity, few people have bigger hearts than Whistlerites. The new library and Millennium Place will be built largely with the aid of corporate donations, and charitable contributions keep local school and community services on par with Lower Mainland schools. There is a food bank and, starting in April, a Re-Use-It Centre. There are races for local hospitals, snowboarding programs for abused children, and environmental causes to save local flora and fauna. Local bars and restaurants are always throwing fund-raisers for local athletes and donating proceeds to established charities. And Whistler’s business community is always there to help out with venues, prizes and cash. When a 16-year-old cancer patient needed a boost, Whistler stepped up to the plate once again. Brenda Goodwin of Coquitlan recently underwent surgery to remove 60 per cent of a brain tumor, followed by extensive chemotherapy. Her father, Ron Goodwin of Whistler Security, says she has a good chance of making a full recovery, but the next six weeks will be crucial. He’s keeping his fingers crossed that the cancer is in remission. "She’s physically fine — you know, your typical 16-year-old girl," says Goodwin. "We just don’t know what’s going to happen." During her five-day stay in Whistler, Brenda was given the grand tour. The mountain donated passes and Arlee, a long-time ski patroller gave Brenda a guided tour of the mountains. Rob of Whistler Outdoor Adventures took her for a snowshoe tour. Cougar Mountain at Whistler took her snowmobiling. Dave, Steve and Julie of Blackcomb Helicopters took her for a ride over the area, landing on a mountain to give her a chance to take in the view. The Holiday Inn also provided Brenda and her grandfather with a place to stay, The Mongolie Grill donated dinner and The Hard Rock Cafe provided the family with discounts for the entire visit. While she was on the mountain, Whistler-Blackcomb’s Dave Perry gave them free lunch passes for the Roundhouse. "I just can’t thank the people enough who volunteered their time and chipped in to make sure Brenda had a great time while she was in Whistler," says Goodwin. I started out making a few phone calls, and everybody I talked to knew somebody else who would want to help, and so on and so on, until we had this whole amazing package together. She was a new person when we left."

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