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Canadians podium at AFP finals

Mike Riddle wins halfpipe; Groenewoud third in pipe, Gagnier second in slopestyle



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Riddle is currently living in Vancouver but is considering a move to Whistler to be closer to the team and training. For the next few years leading up to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, the team will be based out of Whistler most of the time. A trip to New Zealand is also planned at the end of the summer.

Riddle earned $8,500 for the win, with $4,500 for second and $2,000 for third.

In the women's contest, Maddie Bowman put together a smooth run with a corked 900, 720 and a couple of big 540s to take first place.

"I'm stoked," she said. "Training went really well for me, and after that it was, 'okay, let's just chill out for a second,' and it worked. Maybe it's skiing in Whistler because I love this place, and it was nice to be in a soft pipe because it reminds me of being at home (in California)."

Bowman's score was a 93.2, followed by Anais Caradeux with an 85.0 and Squamish's Rosalind Groenewoud with an 83.6.

A third place result guaranteed Groenewoud the overall AFP superpipe title, but it really came down to the wire after she crashed in her first run in the finals. Her second run didn't go as planned either, but experience took over and she pulled it off.

"I was definitely happy to land my second run," she said.

"It wasn't the run I was going for, I messed up at the top and had to freestyle it, pull something out of my pants and make up a whole different run. I was a little disappointed not to complete the run I'd been training and felt really comfortable with, but I am happy with the overall AFP title for pipe because I had a really good season."

Bowman won $5,000, Caradeux $2,500 and Groenewoud $1,000.

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Other Canadians in the finals include Megan Gunning in fifth and Dara Howell in seventh. Ketlie Hansen did not compete after her crash on Saturday night. In the men's contest, Penticton's Hunter Visser placed eighth, Noah Bowman 10th, Matt Margetts 11th and Justin Dorey 12th.

At the end of the weekend the Sarah Burke Award for overall AFP awards went to Gus Kenworthy and Devin Logan, who was injured during the championship slopstyle.