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Canadians fly high at X Games

Gold for Turski, McMorris, Maltais, Del Bosco, Danniels, Groenewoud



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The Winter X Games started out with a tribute to Sarah Burke, including a moment of silence and a candlelight vigil in the halfpipe with her husband Rory Bushfield and family looking on. The tributes continued through the weekend with videos and reflections from other athletes, posted online at

A Whistler tribute is in the works, but as yet no date has been confirmed.

The week was not without its controversies. In the women's ski cross event it was reported that American Langley McNeal was disqualified after the semi-finals for wearing an armband with Sarah Burke's name, reportedly after a French coach protested. In the rulebook, athletes aren't allowed to wear anything that makes them more aerodynamic.

The truth came out a day later after the story had been reported on Facebook with thousands signing on to protest: in fact the disqualification was not due to the arm band, but as a result of a hair tie McNeal had around her boots. It's doubtful the tie would have made her faster, but it did break the rules.