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Canadian women in top-30


Janyk makes cut in super-G and slalom

Whistler’s Britt Janyk and Melanie Turgeon of Beauport, Quebec, led the successful Canadian charge in the World Cup super-G and slalom events at Aspen, Colorado last weekend. Although the Canadian women have yet to reach the podium this season, members of the team have consistently finished in the top-30.

In the super-G on Friday, Nov. 29, Turgeon finished 18 th in a tie with Silvia Berger of Austria with a time of 1:19.31.

The race went to Hilde Gerg of Germany in 1:17.89, trailed closely by Janica Kostelic of Croatia in 1:17.95, and Isolde Kostner of Italy in 1:18. Kristen Clark of Team USA finished fourth, giving the Americans three in the top-10, including Caroline Lalive and Jonna Mendes in ninth and 10th respectively.

Janyk was the next Canadian on the list, finishing 37 th . Sophie Slpawinski was 39 th and Kelly Vanderbeek 40 th . Emily Brydon, and Whistler’s Christina Risler did not finish their runs.

In the slalom on the following day, Janyk was the top Canadian in 24 th position with a combined time of 1:42.97.

Allison Forsyth was the only other Canadian to crack the top-30 and qualify for a second run, but ended her day as a DNF. Gail Kelly and Genevieve Simard did not qualify after the first run.

The race went to Anja Paerson of Sweden with a total time of 1:38.65. Janica Kostelic of Croatia was second in 1:39.06, and Marlies Schild of Austria third in 1:39.18.

The women did a little better after the World Cup in a pair of Nor Am super-G events.

Forsyth was 11 th , Brigitte Acton 13 th , and Lauren Latimer 15 th to round out the top-15. On day two, Emilie Desforges of Quebec was fifth, Acton seventh, and Janyk 10 th .

The Canadian women will be at home in Lake Louise this weekend for back-to-back World Cup downhill races.