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Canadian skiers strong in Whistler Nor-Ams


Whistler skiers win three medals

Canadians emerged from the Ingle Nor-Am Whistler Cup competitions with a fair share of the hardware and hopefully some momentum to build on in future contests against the Europeans.

In nine races on Whistler Mountain’s Dave Murray course between Feb. 28 and March 5, the Canucks earned 13 medals – two gold, six silver, and five bronze.

In many ways U.S. Olympian Picabo Street stole the show, making a comeback appearance after suffering a torn Anterior Cruciate ligament and broken left femur in 1998. Prior to her injury she had won the Olympic super-G at Nagano.

Street went four for four, winning both downhills and both super-G events by considerable margins. Whistler’s Britt Janyk, in her first year with the senior national team, was hot on Street’s tail with two silver medals in the super-G.

Christina Risler, another Whistler skier and a member of the national junior team, also won a bronze medal in the downhill.

The Canadian men finished strong, taking four out of the top five spots in the GS on the last day of competition.

"I felt a little tired after the first run so I thought I had to push even more in the second," said gold medalist Jean-Philippe Roy. "I guess it worked."


Men’s Downhill #1 – Feb. 28

1. Marco Sullivan (USA)

2. Kevin Wert (Rossland, BC)

3. Wade Bishop (USA)

6. Jeff Durand (Calgary, AB)

10. Jeff Hume (Whistler, BC)

12. David Anderson (Rossland, BC)

14. Ryan Oughtred (Kelowna, BC)

Women’s Downhill #1 – Feb. 28

1. Picabo Street (USA)

2. Suki Horton (USA)

3. Tatum Skoglund (USA)

7. Kelly Vanderbeek (Kitchener, ON)

10. Christina Risler (Whistler, BC)

15. Ania Morton (Banff, AB)

Men’s Downhill #2 — March 1

1. Kevin Wert (Rossland, BC)

2. Wade Bishop (USA)

3. Jeff Durand (Calgary, AB)

5. David Anderson (Rossland, BC)

7. Ryan Oughtred (Kelowna, BC)

8. Mike Giannelli (Whistler, BC)

11. Jeff Hume (Whistler, BC)

12. Trevor Bruce (Vancouver, BC)

Women’s Downhill #2 – March 1

1. Picabo Street (USA)

2. Tatum Skoglund (USA)

3. Christina Risler (Whistler, BC)

5. Kelly Vanderbeek (Kitchener, ON)

7. Ania Morton (Banff, AB)

Women’s Super-G #1 – March 2

1. Picabo Street (USA)

2. Britt Janyk (Whistler, BC)

3. Kelly Vanderbeek (Kitchener, ON)

4. Sara-Maude Boucher (St-Denis de Brampton, QU)

11. Genevieve Simard (Val-Morin, QU)

13. Ania Morton (Banff, AB)

Men’s Super-G #1 – March 3

1. Marco Sullivan (USA)

2. Jeff Durand (Calgary, AB)

3. Joshua Transue (USA)

5. Kevin Wert (Rossland, BC)

6. David Anderson (Rossland, BC)

8. Ryan Oughtred (Kelowna, BC)

11. Thomas Grandi (Canmore, AB)

14. Mike Giannelli (Whistler, BC)

15. Jeff Hume (Whistler, BC)

Women’s Super-G #2 – March 3

1. Picabo Street (USA)

2. Britt Janyk (Whistler, BC)

3. Kelly Vanderbeek (Kitchener, ON)

6. Sara-Maude Boucher (St-Denis de Brampton, QU)

8. Anna Prchal (Outremont, QU)

10. Christina Risler (Whistler, BC)

13. Ania Morton (Banff, AB)

14. Genevieve Simard (Val-Morin, QU)

Men’s Super-G #2 – March 4

1. Thomas Vonn (USA)

2. Thomas Grandi (Canmore, AB)

3. Jeff Durand (Calgary, AB)

5. Jean-Philippe Roy (Ste-Flavie, QU)

7. David Anderson (Rossland, BC)

9. Ryan Oughtred (Kelowna, BC)

14. Jeff Hume (Whistler, BC)

15. Jan Hudec (Banff, AB)

Men’s Giant Slalom – March 5

1. Jean-Philippe Roy (Ste-Flavie, QU)

2. Thomas Grandi (Canmore, AB)

3. Thomas Vonn (USA)

4. Erik Guay (Mont Tremblant, QU)

6. Ryan Oughtred (Kelowna, BC)

7. Julien Cousineau (Lachute, QU)

11. Ryan Semple (Ottawa, ON)

15. Jan Hudec (Banff, AB)

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