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Canadian Cycling Association makes coaching changes

For the past 11 year, Russian coach Yury Kashirin has coached our national cycling teams.


During his tenure, Canadians have captured world cup and world championship titles in mountain biking, as well as two Olympic medals, and Canadian road and track riders have bounced back in the international standings.

This week the Canadian Cycling Association announced that they would not be renewing Kashirin’s contract for 2005. According to acting director-general Ben Stewart, the CCA isn’t looking to immediately replace Kashirin either, but will instead assess the organization’s changing needs.

For the short-term, coach Houshang Amiri will take over Kashirin’s duties at the National Cycling Centre in Victoria.

"The CCA is appreciative of the contribution that Yury has made to our organization over the past 11 years," said Stewart. "However, we feel that change is necessary to continue to best serve our long-term athlete development and competitive goals."