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Canada Day Quiz




by Alison Taylor

  1. The 2012 Statements of Financial Information were released in May detailing the top earners at Whistler’s municipal hall. Who made the most money last year? Was it…
    1. Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden
    2. Fire Chief Rob Whitton
    3. Chief Administrative Officer Mike Furey
    4. Whistler Sports Legacies CEO Keith Bennett
  2. Last year the municipality released more than $900,000 to nine third party festival producers in “augmentation funding.” Of the following ten festivals named: Who received the most money? Who got the least? And who got nothing at all?
    1. Cornucopia
    2. Children’s Art Festival
    3. Ironman
    4. World Ski and Snowboard Festival
    5. WinterPRIDE
    6. Whistler Film Festival
    7. Tough Mudder
    8. Crankworks
    9. Wanderlust
    10. GranFondo
  3. Which of the following organizations in Whistler is NOT run by a woman?
    1. Municipal Council
    2. Tourism Whistler
    3. Whistler Chamber of Commerce
    4. Whistler Arts Council
  4. In January, Whistler Blackcomb launched a “You Name It” contest to name the new chairlift replacing the old slow-moving, three-seater Crystal Chair, as part of an $18 million upgrade. What is the name of the new chair coming next season?
    1. Way to Waffles
    2. Crystal Ridge Express
    3. Rock n Roller
    4. Fraggle Rock
  5. There’s an exhibition piece at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre that is removed every year to honour its spirit. Is it:
    1. A woven blanket
    2. A hand-made basket
    3. A traditional mask
    4. A canoe
  6. In 1962 this person was arrested for eating a fried chicken dinner in a bus stop restaurant in the South. He was put in jail along with 160 other “Freedom Riders” for challenging the status quo. Was it:
    1. Philanthropist Michael Audain
    2. Former mayor and sustainability champion Ken Melamed
    3. Ski consultant extraordinaire Peter Alder
    4. Local pioneer, lawyer and former councillor Garry Watson
  7. What major conference is coming to Whistler in March next year?
    1. Canadian Home Builders Association
    2. Union of BC Municipalities UBCM conference
    3. Ted
    4. TedActive
  8. Whistler Museum founder Florence Petersen died quietly at home in August 2012. She was 83 years old. What is the name of Petersen’s book, published posthumously by the Whistler
    1. Museum?
    2. First Tracks
    3. Witsend
    4. Summers on Alta Lake
    5. Memoir of a Marriage Commissioner
  9. Pemberton’s Jordan Sturdy was elected in May as the new MLA for West Vancouver–Sea to Sky. He was appointed British Columbia’s parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. What day job has Sturdy not held?
    1. Farmer
    2. Ski Patroller
    3. Mayor of Pemberton
    4. IT Manager
  10. What is the name of Whistler’s first avalanche rescue dog, soon to be featured in a children’s book?
    1. Radar
    2. Macklin
    3. Hector
    4. Chili

Answers - Whistler

  1. C: Mike Furey at more than $200,000.
  2. C: Ironman $250,000 B: Children’s Art Festival $45,000 E: WinterPRIDE $ 0
  3. Trick question! All are run by women: Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, TW’s Barrett Fisher, Fiona Famulak at the Chamber (until July 29 when she takes up a new position in Vancouver) and Doti Neidermeyer at the Arts Council.
  4. It took a contest to come up with B: Crystal Ridge Express
  5. D. The Salish hunting canoe, named Nexws Chachu7, is removed every year and taken on an ocean journey to honour the spirit of the canoe.
  6. A: Michael Audain, the man behind the $30 million Audain Art Museum set to break ground in Whistler this summer.
  7. D: TedActive, a simulcast conference that takes place at the same time as the main TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Vancouver. WAIT: this is another trick question! UBCM is also coming from Sept 22-26. CHBA is coming from April 3-6.
  8. A: First Tracks
  9. D: IT Manager. Bonus: What party does Sturdy represent? Answer: Liberal 10 A: Radar the Rescue Dog will be released this year. Radar was the first avalanche dog at Whistler. His partner was pro patroller Bruce Watt. The other dogs listed above have all been a part of CARDA (Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association) at Whistler Blackcomb.