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Canada Day Quiz

70 questions for Canadians


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39. What Prime Minister resigned over the “Pacific Scandal” — charges of corruption in awarding the contract for a transcontinental railroad that linked B.C. with the east.

40. What prime minister is responsible for the Canadian flag?

41. Who is Canada’s head of state?

42. Where is the Prime Minister’s official residence?

43. When the Conservatives gained power in early 2006 they made changes to the GST. What were those changes?

44. What party made the most gains in the 2006 federal election?

45. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is currently writing a history book about which sport?

46. What is the first name of the prime minister’s wife?

47. Where was the most recent G8 Summit? When is it Canada’s turn to host next and where?

48. Who is Canada’s Environment Minister? Has he committed to the Kyoto Protocol.

49. The Parti Populaire des Putes is one of Canada’s federal political parties. What is its platform?

50. How many judges from the Quebec bar must be on the panel of nine Supreme Court judges at all times?

51. Who is the MLA for the Whistler area?

52. What year was Whistler’s first municipal election? When is the next election?

53. Who is the longest serving member of the current Whistler council?

54. Who was the first Mayor of Whistler?



55. This past winter the Canadian Alpine Ski Team set a record with 14 podium finishes and 44 top-10 results. How many medals did Mont-Tremblant’s Erik Guay win?

56. Canada will be participating in the Rugby World Cup this fall in France, playing in Pool B with Wales, Japan, Fiji and Australia. One of Canada’s players is from Squamish ­— name the player.

57. What are the three sliding sports that will be using the Whistler Sliding Centre this winter, in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games?

58. Who is the only Canadian competing in the Red Bull Elevation dirt jumping competition on Canada Day this year?

59. On July 4 the International Olympic Committee will vote for the host city of the 2014 Winter Games, following Vancouver in 2010. What cities are in the running?

60. Canada now has three professional soccer teams playing in the international United Soccer Leagues First Division. What are the teams?

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