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Campfires banned as fire rating reaches Extreme


Some cooler temperatures lowered the fire risk from Extreme to High last week, but continued dry weather, sun and wind pushed the hazard rating back to Extreme on Sunday.

With no rain in the forecast, Coastal Fire Centre has issued a new ban on campfires in the region, including in Whistler, that will last at least until July 22.

No fires are allowed of any kind, on public lands or in private backyards.

As well:

• No open flames such as torches or barbecues that use wood or briquettes are allowed in parks. Propane barbecues are allowed only if they are not on grass or near trees and are on a proper stand.

• No wood barbecues are allowed in residential subdivisions and propane and briquette barbecues must be used in a safe manner with proper clearance from structures.

Various bans have also gone into effect for the construction industry, limiting the type of work that can take place and when. If the Extreme rating continues then all work in the forest interface will be banned.