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Campfire ban in effect

Whistler's fire danger rating remains at extreme



Those hoping to sit around the campfire this weekend will be disappointed to learn that Whistler’s fire rating remains at extreme.

The fire rating first hit Extreme on Friday, June 26, and remains in effect for the weekend with temperatures staying above the 30-degree C mark. Fires are banned as soon as the rating reaches High.

Only propane barbecues are permitted in parks provided they are not on grass or near any trees. The same goes for residential areas, although briquette barbecues are also permitted.

High-risk construction activity within 10 metres of the forest is required to stop at 1 p.m. daily, and a minimum two-hour fire watch is required afterwards.

A heat wave shattered temperatures records for June 27 across B.C. on Saturday, including in Whistler, where the dial hit 34.5 degrees C. The previous record, set in 2000, was 32 degrees C, according to data from The Weather Network.