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"Affordable" lots looking for owners soon The protracted battle over the transfer of ownership of the Whistler Campground lands was in the B.C. Supreme Court today and yesterday, but the owner of the Whistler Campground doesn't expect a decision for a while yet. "We have every indication the judge will reserve a decision but we expect the see a decision in writing within the next two weeks," says Ruth Buzzard. A battle has waged all summer as Greenside Properties Inc. tries to close a deal with Buzzard that would give Greenside the campground property for development of a private high school/sports academy and single family housing units. Buzzard says the campground is slowly closing down, but she will be offering winter space to a number of her "regulars." David Ehrhardt of Greenside Properties, says they have been granted a court order allowing crucial dike work along Fitzsimmons Creek to be carried out this fall during a short fisheries window for stream work. "We're on track for what we can do this year," he says. The rest of the development, though, remains in limbo while Ehrhardt tries to secure title to the land. Ehrhardt says he would have liked to have had the "affordable" housing component of the project on the market this fall, but the legal wrangling has set plans back. "I know that the community desperately needs what we are sitting on," says Ehrhardt, referring to the affordable lots that will be available through the Whistler Valley Housing Society. The "first batch" of 17 lots would be available at a price around $75,000. The rest of the 84 lots will be sold at "market value," he says. "We expect to proceed with making the lots available early in the New Year," he says.

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