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Campaign signs stolen and recovered


A number of council candidates who had campaign signs stolen last week were relieved when they turned up at Whistler Secondary School. It turns out that a graduate class prank – not dirty campaigning – was responsible for the removal of dozens of signs.

The matter was cleared up on Tuesday night at the WORCA all-candidates meeting when an announcement was made to the grateful council candidates.

"They took seven or eight double-sided signs, which costs around $300," said candidate Tyler Mosher. "I’m just happy to have them back.

"What are you going to do about it? Kids will be kids."

Ted Milner had six out of his seven signs stolen, and was also relieved to get them back.

"The great mystery is solved," he said. "I’m not happy about it, because now I have to go get them and put them back up."

Bob Calladine laughed when he heard the news.

"Here I am running on a youth platform, ‘Our Children’s Future,’ and meanwhile the little buggers are running around stealing signs."

The campaign signs turned up in the grass circle outside of the high school on Tuesday evening.