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Logue tenders resignation Superintendent of bylaws, municipality part company After seven years of service, Calvin Logue has resigned as superintendent of bylaws. In an interview late this week, Logue told Pique he had parted ways with the municipality, and he had no regrets regarding the decision. "I have resigned," said Logue. "After seven years of service in Whistler, I have decided to tender my resignation. "Suffice to say I have not made the decision lightly. I basically feel that I accomplished a lot in bylaw enforcement in Whistler and, by example, other communities." Logue’s resignation follows weeks of speculation regarding his whereabouts and role with the municipality. The official word from the municipality was that he was on vacation. According to Mayor Ted Nebbeling, the municipality was preparing to make an announcement regarding Logue by Dec. 18. But Logue, it seems, has beaten them to the punch. "My philosophies and those of my direct superiors are no longer compatible... basically it was time for me to move on and take on other challenges," he said. Logue dismissed rumours that his resignation was related to the growth of the community, increasing responsibilities or the Canadian Union of Public Employees’ attempt to unionize the bylaw department. He added that his break with the municipality was amicable. "We parted company as friends and, I hope, with mutual respect," said Logue. Although the bylaw department and its programs have been the target of considerable public scrutiny and harsh criticism, Logue says he is leaving knowing that much has been accomplished in the community relating to bylaw enforcement and public safety. "I guess the most significant (achievement) is the night-time bylaw enforcement presence which is unique to Canada," he said. He added that he is leaving at a time when Whistler’s crime statistics are at 1991 levels, despite an increase in population. "I’ve been able to implement new standards and procedures for a lot of the bylaw enforcement duties. The initiatives we have undertaken have been extremely effective," he said. Logue is "hopeful" that the department’s New Year’s Eve crowd control program, which he helped initiate, "comes off without a hinge" this year. In the meantime, he is looking to other communities for employment opportunities. Finance Director Drew Stotesbury has assumed the role of overseeing the Bylaw department.

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